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Friday  May 19    8:00-12:00  Café Cool Jazz Quartet
Living Room Theater

Friday   June 9    8:00-12:00  Café Gypsy Jazz Quartet
Living Room Theater

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Join the MINIDOKA SWING BAND  June 4th
at the
Wilsonville Festival of Arts
12:00 Noon
Town Center Park, 29600 SW Park Place, Wilsonville, OR




REMEMBER – We need your help:  Swing Band Brings Message of Remembrance to Japan Thank you!


Japan Tour:  Minidoka Swing Band   November 9-16  2015
Most of you know that I've been directing the Minnidoka Swing Band since it began in 2007.  It started out as a youth band, whose members made a pilgrimage to the Minnidoka Internment Camp near Twin Falls, Idaho.   Over the years, the young members of the group have graduated from school, and have gone on with their careers. 
The band continues perform throughout the Northwest and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, King TV Seattle, KEEN TV's  Searchlight Serenade and other media articles.
The history of music in Japanese internment camps started with a book by George Yoshida called "Reminiscing In Swingtime". My brother, George Nobori, along with George Yoshida and a few others, started the J-Town Jazz Band in the early 1990's.  We have both benefitted from reliving our history through the Minidoka Swing Band and J-Town Band.
Our family was sent to the Jerome Arkansas Internment Camp during WWII.  My dad, George Nobori Sr., had taken a movie camera (which was prohibited by the US Govt.) and photographed our family in camp.  You maybe be able to identify my mother, Violet Nobori , older brother George Nobori Jr. and me as a baby, as well as other relatives and friends.  Today they call it a concentration camp, as you can see by the video, the barren conditions, severe weather, snakes and other reptiles and a host of other unforgivable problems (including the guard towers).   Please see the link below:

Crowd Fundraiser: 


The Minidoka Swing Band Japan Tour 2015 will be “Sharing US-Japanese Heritage & Culture Through Music to Japan” November 6-16, 2015.  We are asking for your help to finance this historical tour so the Minidoka Swing Band can share an important part of Japanese American history through educational narration, pictures and music of the era.  All of the musicians in the band and their two managers are volunteers and receive no pay.  They volunteer their time and talent to the Minidoka Swing Band to educate and preserve this important period of Japanese American history.  It’s been 70 yrs. since WWII ended and over 110,000 Japanese Americans were released from their imprisonment. Many of these survivors have passed on and there are getting to be very few left to keep the history alive.  The Minidoka Swing Band has 3 survivors of WWII incarceration and many band members who had parents, grandparents and other family members who were incarcerated. So please help the  band members with the $100,000 expense of traveling to and staying in Japan. Help them keep this history alive. There are two easy ways to help with this very special tour. Please go to the following IndiGoGo fundraising campaign.  Make a contribution and receive a special gift, or, send this campaign on to friends that might be interested in helping the Minidoka Swing Band.  The more people we can reach, the better. Thank you so much for your support!!!! 



Laura Baxter | Manager

Minidoka Swing Band  






Click here to Check out photos of  Larry at the 2nd. Annual 'Stumptown Speakeasy'

A great combination of the Gypsy French and American swing styles, Brazilian/Latin, and Jazz/Blues/Broadway.

(Django Reinhardt and American Swing)
Larry Munson's special Django acoustic guitar and Larry Nobori's clarinet, brings back the music of Paris in the 1920 - 40's.


We have quite a menu of bossa novas, sambas, choros, mambos, and other Latin rhythms in our repertoire.  We emphasize 'light' Latin jazz with rhythmic energy.


Larry Munson brings out his 7 string guitar and things really get swingin'.  Larry Nobori brings out the alto sax for the jazz, blues, and Broadway show tunes and it takes you right back to Manhattan.

West Coast Jazz: Think 'cool' and then "Sail Away" and we'll take you on a trip when jazz was more laid back in the groove, and you could hear real melodies, played with smooth harmonies and energetic solos.

Review from Jazzscene monthly magazine: March 2005 issue.    West Coast Jazz Ensemble Earns
* * * * 1/2 (out of 5)


We have a repertoire of classical music, mainly for weddings or ceremonial music.  We can include music from our Café Jazz menu fo9r this purpose.


Minidoka Swing Band
Strictly American Swing
formed in September 2007, as a tribute to Japanese Americans interned during World War II and to highlight the music popular in the Internment Camps.